AquaJogger Junior Buoyancy Belt

sku # ap40

This Belt is designed by AquaJogger to help kids learn how to swim and in-water skills related to swimming. It does not restrict the child's arm stroke and provides total freedom.


AquaJogger Pro Bells

sku # ap118

AquaJogger's Aquafit Pro Bells help to tone and strengthen your upper body while supporting you in the water.


AquaJogger Pro Bouyancy Belt

sku # ap4

This belt is ideal for men or athletes who have more muscles mass. This belt is 30% more buoyant than AquaJoggers "Classic Belt".


AquaJogger Shape Buoyancy Belt

sku # ap115

This Belt is Ideal for Women with wider waists or who are pregnant. It is longer on the sides to help distribute buoyancy evenly.



AquaJogger Shape Pro Buoyancy Belt

sku # ap471

This belt is ideal for men with wider waists. This belt is 30% more buoyant than the Shape Belt.


AquaJogger AquaHitch Tether

sku # ap5

This Tether is great for intensifying a workout by increasing resistance. Attach the tether to a friend's belt to create a team workout.


AquaJogger Modules (Pair)

sku # ap160

Loops around AquaJogger's Belts to add extra buoyancy.