Extend the Life of Your Swimsuit

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Do your swimsuits not last as long as you think they should? We've put together a few tips and tricks to help you extend the life of your new suit.

Rule #1:

Never. EVER. Put your swimsuit in the washing machine or dryer! 


This may come as a surprise to you, but your swimsuit is delicate and needs the proper TLC if you want it to live a long and happy life. Your swimsuit doesn't like harsh detergents, being jostled around, or being exposed to heat. It already gets eaten up by chlorine, so don't put it through any more agony. You can extend the lifespan of any suit by rinsing it out in the sink when you’re done. 

Rule #1 ½:

You know those nifty little devices at public pools that you can use to help get more water out of your suit?

Just say NO!


Even though they say they are specifically designed to dry your swimsuit, this is like putting it into your dryer at home (which is a no-no!) 

Now keep in mind, we're sharing this information with you to help you get the MAXIMUM life out of your swimsuit. However, if you use these every once in a while, you still should get a pretty decent lifespan. 

Rule #2:

Have you ever wondered why your suit seems longer than it was when you bought it? Well... do you hang it to dry?


We recommend that you DO NOT hang your suits to dry. Much like that lovely sweater your grandma gave you, if you hang it up while it is wet, gravity is going to help you stretch it out more than wearing it does! Remember...it's a delicate! 

Rule #3:

By now you're probably wondering how in the world you're supposed to dry your suits since we've pretty much ruled out every way that you use for your clothes on a regular basis. Well, normally we charge for this sort of inside information, but we'll make an exception, this once. 


The BEST way to dry your swimsuit is to lay it out flat on a towel and let it air dry! Easy right? 

As far as washing goes - rinsing the suit out really well in the sink works just fine. The key is trying to get as much Chlorine off the suit as possible because it eats away at the fibers. If you think you need a little extra help getting out all of the Chlorine, Speedo makes a Swimsuit Cleaner or you can also try Suit Solutions. They both are specially made to help pull out the Chlorine. 


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