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How do I know if my team is an Xtreme Swim Partner?

Ask your coach! If you are, they will give you a team code you can use when registering on our website.

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We have a “Team Code” – what now?

You will need to register a new account and enter the team code during the registration process. After that, just click “Team Portal” from the top menu, and you will see everything that is available to your team.

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I am logged in. Where do I find my team’s web page?

Easy – it’s at the top of this page!


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I entered my code, but I still can’t access the team portal!

Make sure you’re entering the code correctly – it’s case sensitive, just like a password. If you still are having problems, give us a call and we’ll try and figure out what’s going on. You can reach us at 888.946.9873 or 972.596.2188

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Swimsuit Care 101

How do I properly care for my swim suit?

Over time your swimsuit will deteriorate, however you can extend its life by reducing the exposure to chemicals, oils and the Sun.

Ensuring that you take care of your swimming costume, will prolong the life and its effectiveness.


After every swim session, wash your swimsuit by hand with a mild soap and tap water. Water alone will not remove the chlorine or salt water.  We would recommend turning your swimsuit inside out when you wash it to avoid damaging the delicate outer layer.

You should never use a washing machine to clean your swimming costume, it is too abrasive for swimwear material and will cause the fabric to pile and bobble. The washing detergents will also cause long-term damage to the swim suits fabric.


Allow your swimming costume to dry naturally when drying outside, do not hang in direct sunlight. Try to make sure that your swimsuit is laid out flat to dry to avoid folds and wrinkles. Once completely dry fold it and put it away.

You should not dry your swimsuit in a dryer or by the Sun, as mentioned above, because they are both hard on the lycra and spandex in your swimming costume. The Sun will cause your costume to fade quicker than expected. Both will cause the breakdown of elasticity in your costume.

If you have any other questions, please, do not hesitate to call or stop by our store! Our representatives would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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What size swimwear should I get?

Please refer to this sizing chart. (Remember, a lot of girl’s swimwear is meant to ride HIGH on the hip, that’s just the cut of the suit. Make sure the suit is being worn properly before you go for a different size.)

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How do I know if my goggles will fit?

When sizing your first pair of goggles, we strongly recommend going to an experienced swimming outfitter or coach who can help you identify which goggles will fit the structure of your face best. Even a highly rated pair of goggles can fit differently person to person. If you’re in North Texas, come by the Xtreme Swim shop! If you aren’t local, we still recommend trying some on before you buy, even if it’s not with us. Nothing’s worse than goggles falling off when you need them most.

Here’s a test you can do: without putting the strap around your head, put your goggles to your eyes while lifting up your eyebrows so no hairs get caught in the seal. Press firmly – if the goggles suction on, even for just a couple of seconds, you’ve got a good seal! If they don’t we recommend you try something else.

If trying goggles on in person isn’t an option for you, our experience says Aqua Sphere goggles are the most universally-comfortable practice goggle next to Speedo Vanquishers. Swedish-style goggles are another option, but we don’t recommend them for most swimmers because of the lack of padding.

And hey, here’s a tip – strap always goes on under cap. That way, they won’t come off during a race.

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Which swim suits last longest?

Polyester suits tend to last the longest out of the other swimsuit materials, because polyester has the highest resistance to chlorine and colorfast.

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Which brand should I buy?

There is no best brand! All the equipment we carry is of a high grade, delivered by reputable brands. Each manufacturer has different fits, styles, and design that go into their equipment. Swimmers come in all shapes and sizes, and having a variety of manufacturers means you are covered no matter how you’re built. Some brands may have ‘best in class’ swimwear on the high technical end, but for practice suits and other equipment, it is more important that what you are using fits comfortably. 

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What is your shipping policy?

You can read our shipping policy by clicking here.

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How do I start a return or exchange?

Please refer to our return policy for the details. Please note that technical suits and some other products are not eligible for return, but they will be marked as non-returnable in the product description.

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Is my team an Xtreme Swim Partner?

Ask your coach! If you are, your coach will give you a team code you can enter when you register an account with Xtreme Swim. This will give you access to all your team suits and other discounted gear via the Team Portal (click the link in the very top navigation!)

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How do I enroll my team as a Partner?

Have your coach contact us, and we’ll take it from there. Being a partner gives you access to team-branded swimwear, apparel, and special discounts on training gear (depending on what your team negotiates). It’s a great way to get an awesome deal on your team suit, you get the added convenience of being able to order new stuff off our website whenever you want it, and we work really hard to give the best customer service in the business. Other vendors might be able to just beat us on prices from time to time since we’re a small shop, but they won’t take care of you nearly as well. We’re here to serve you, not just to make money.

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Why can’t technical suits be returned?

Technical suits have an incredibly short effective lifespan. When swimmers try on a technical suit, the suit will have already begun to stretch, and if the swimmer is not careful, the suit can be damaged as well. Once the technical suit has been worn, the integrity of the suit becomes less effective. 

Remember, technical suits are not meant to be used as a day-to-day or practice suit. Technical suits are designed for high-level, extremely competitive races. If you have any doubt about whether you need a technical suit, ask your coach first.

If you are ready for a technical suit, please follow our fitting guide, and remember that technical suits are meant to fit extremely tight – the compression on your muscles is what makes you perform better.

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Customer Service

Hello, is there a promo code to receive the free shipping if I spend over $65? I see it advertised, but when I go to check out, the shipping keeps showing up.


The promo code is FREESHIP

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Hello, I was wondering if you price match other stores?

Our brands do not allow price matching; our vendors set the price we can sell our items at and tell us when we can have sales. Since we are a small, local business, we cannot afford risking our vendors dropping us by making prices less than we are supposed to. However, we firmly believe that once you have experienced our customer service, you will see that we do offer an added value to our vendor's approved pricing. 

Also, if you are part of a team, we are able to offer team discounts if we are your team's store. 

If you are looking just to order online, we do run sales with coupon codes - Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be notified of our sales. One on going promotion we have is free shipping on orders over $65 - use code FREESHIP at check out (this does not apply on heavy items)

Hope that helps!

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Interested in purchasing a Parka. Are the sizes in youth or adult size? Thank you.

The parka sizing runs in adult sizes

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