Free Shipping Policy!

We offer free ground shipping on orders over $65. In order to get the discount enter in the promo code: "FreeShip" during check out; it will ask you for a promo code once you get to step three during check out. This offer only applies in the continental US, and some items (the big, heavy stuff like lane lines and backboards) aren’t eligible because we’d lose a lot more than our already small profit margin. Items that are not eligible for free ground shipping will be marked as such clearly in the product description. (That isn’t a guarantee though – we have a lot of products, and we’re human. If you order something we forgot to put a “Not Eligible” label on, we’ll call you and we’ll sort it out from there.)

The Rest of the Shipping Policy

We don’t like to use legal mumbo jumbo where we don’t have to, so here’s the deal:

  • All orders go out the next business day. We’ll try for same-day if you get it in before 4:00 Texas Time, but we’re a small store. If you order on a weekend, it’ll go out Monday.
  • The estimated time frame for each shipping option is posted right next to the shipping option when you check out. It’s an estimate, not a guarantee – once it’s in the mail carrier’s hands, we don’t have control. We’ll give you the order details to track in your email, but we’re not responsible if the mail carrier decides to play football with your package, or decides he wants to take the scenic route. Sound fair?
  • With returns, if it’s our mistake, we’ll cover the cost of return shipping. If you just don’t like what you ordered, or you want to exchange it for a different size or color, shipping is on you. We cover our goofs, you cover yours.
  • Some items, like backboards and lane line sets, you’ll need to call to get a shipping estimate. It’s heavy stuff!

That’s it. If you have any questions, you can proceed to the legal soup in our Return Policy