Hello parents, coaches and swimmers!

We wanted to make you aware of some ongoing challenges we’re facing, and hat-in-hand ask for a little patience while we do our best to work through them.

The swimming industry right now is facing unprecedented shortages of equipment and suits across all the major brands that teams use. On our side, we’re always trying to proactively order and make sure we have enough product for your swimmers.

This year there’s a few wrenches thrown in the mix.

Wrench one: COVID has caused massive shortages throughout the swim industry’s worldwide supply chains, all the way from raw material sourcing to manufacture to transport and logistics. The most popular suit lines and equipment are backordered from vendors for months, and us retailers are battling it out competing for what little product there is. 

Wrench two: There’s unprecedented demand this year as all the swim programs and high schools across Texas spin up again after COVID lockdowns. Kids have grown, equipment has been lost, and - thankfully! - swimming is more popular than ever. Teams that are ordering later in the year, or have swimmers signing up later, are bearing the brunt of these shortages. Manufacturers tell us they might still get worse before they get better.

Wrench three: So many small businesses were shuttered by COVID. Thanks to the support of our customers and coaches we survived the pool shutdowns, but our staff is smaller than it was. We’re actively hiring but struggling (as many businesses are) finding capable staff. We’re short handed and working overtime to get orders out.

Here’s what we’re doing:

On the shortage front, we’re pulling every string we can to get what you need from manufacturers as they have it. In fulfillment, we’re learning new ways to ship faster and more accurately. And in ordering, we’re completely rebuilding our website to give you a better online experience that accurately reflects what stock we have and allows for back ordering when needed. That way the process is transparent and smooth for everyone, and customers get fewer out-of-stock phone calls from me.

COVID has reshaped our industry. We’re grateful for your business and your support, and so happy to still be swimming along after our sport was put on hold. We’re doing our best to adapt to these challenges and let you focus on the joy of swimming - but we appreciate your patience while we work through the issues the retail side of our sport faces.

Thank you,
Matt Anderson
Ecommerce Manager, Xtreme Swim