Competitor Take Up Reel Ratchet Wrench

sku # 200202

The Take Up Reel Ratchet Wrench is used to tighten and loosen competitive racing lanes.


Deck Coach by ChatterVox

sku # CVox

Deck coach by ChatterVox helps improve your poolside instruction, making you a more effective teacher. Engineered to protect your voice from overuse, the Deck Coach is a fully self-contained voice amplification system offering an affordable alternative to expensive waterproof microphone systems.


Finis Swim Mirror

sku # FSM

The perfect tool for instant visual feedback on stroke technique.


Lap Counter

sku # BTLC

Lap Counter for Distance events



Swim Teaching Platform 1.2M x 1.1M

sku #

The Teaching Platform is a standing deck designed for teaching lessons in deeper water. The platform creates a sturdy, non-slip surface above the pool bottom, creating a safe and enjoyable learning experience


Swim Teaching Platform 1.8M x 1.1M

sku #

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