Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Collection

sku # 49613

Swimmers Wellness Kit: 1 – Swimmers Wellness Shampoo – 9 oz 1 – Swimmers Wellness Conditioner – 9 oz 4 – Swimmers Natural Wellness Treatment – 5 grams each


Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo Liter

sku # 92232

Malibu Swimmers Water Action Wellness Shampoo helps prevent the build up of Chlorine, Bromine and hard water minerals that dry out hair and helps prevent Green Hair caused by copper.


Malibu C Swimmers Conditioner Liter

sku # 93432

Preserves the feel of hair constantly exposed to pool chemicals Prevents brittle and dry hair keeps hair from tangling Replenishes moisture to hair


Malibu C 9oz Leave in Mist Conditioner

sku # 3308

Super charged 100% vegan detangler.



Malibu C Miracle Repair Reconstructor

sku # 3205

Witness a deep conditioning miracle with this 100% vegan treatment ideal for feeding nutrient-starved strands that is packed with gluten-free plant proteins and enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 for mega-moisturizing. Wellness tip: Use immediately following your favorite Malibu C® Wellness Treatment once a week for a sweet tease of our famous in-salon Malibu MakeOver. Your hair will thank you.


Mack's Ear Band

sku # 452