Stretchcordz Drag Belt/ Tow Tether

sku # S109

The S109 is designed for long swim resistance training. The Drag Belt/Tow Tether increases endurance and strength in all swimmers. Varying chute sizes provide an endless combination of resistance levels and are compatible with flip turns. It is also designed for endurance swim training, resisted water walking, running and lunging. Ideal for group water fitness classes for high intensity training, for triathlete training and for rehabilitation in-water



Stretchcordz Kick Trainer

sku # S123

The S123 adds resistance to legs during kick sets. Assists ankle recovery from breaststroke kick and adds resistance to abdominal muscles during dolphin kicks.


Stretchcordz Quick Connect

sku # S11875QC

The S11875QC is an enhancement for the Long Belt Slider and serves as an answer to trainers and coaches seeking faster transitions during practices. The Quick Connect's buckle closure allows the product to be quickly and easily transferred between swimmers as they enter and exit the pool.


Stretchcordz Knee Elastic

sku # S1225

The S1225 elastic band fits above knees to provide resistance and control position during breaststroke kick; assists with recovery from groin injuries.


Stretchcordz with Handles

sku # S100

The S100 is the original dryland training device. Used for curls, tricep extensions, flies and lat pulls to enhance speed, endurance and swim stroke.



Stretchcordz with Paddles

sku # S101

The S101 is our #1 Best Seller! StrechCordz® with Paddles adds resistance to the pull in dry-land practice swim strokes. It trains swimmers to keep hands flat while opposing every movement to increase strength and ultimately speed. Used by the United States Olympic Swim Team!


Stretchcordz Breastroke Machine

sku # S108

The S108 strengthens muscles and increases power through outward and inward sweep exercises. Attaches to a diving board, fence, rail or any stationary object.


Stretchcordz Modular Set - Deluxe

sku # S103

The S103 is an exercise machine in a bag. The Modular set is a complete wet or dry-land swim training tool that can be used for pulls, rows, raises, curls, flies – nearly any resistance exercise you can imagine.


Stretchcordz Mini Modular Set

sku # S104

Use the S104 Mini Modular Set in StrechCordz® logo bag almost anywhere for full swimmer pull, tricep extensions, rowing, overhead raises, proper hip rotation, stroke efficiency and more. Get many tools for wet or dry-land training from the Modular set in a smaller, more compact set!