• Navy 75

Arena Powerskin ST Full Body Kneeskin

sku # 25270

The Arena Powerskin ST Full Body is comfortable while providing full compression. Affordable, yet innovative this technology will help you shave time off your swim. Powerskin ST is designed to deliver an excellent level of performance, at a particularly competitive price point, thus offering outstanding value to all swimmers, from beginners to champions. (No Returns)

$120.00 $60.00

  • Speedo Black

Speedo Powerplus Kneeskin

sku # 8191441


  • Black

Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Kneeskin

sku # 1A884

The Powerskin Carbon Air is arena’s latest racing suit to employ carbon technology through the integration of horizontal Carbon Bands into the suit’s ultra lightweight woven fabric.

$400.00 $280.00

  • Blue/Dk Grey

Arena Carbon Flex Open Back Kneeskin

sku # 1A318

Great for middle to distance swimmers, and breastrokers looking for a little more flexibility. The all new Arena Carbon Flex Open Back kneeskin swimsuit fits an entire new range of swimmer's body types. Plus the Carbon Flex's new bonded seams on the back of the legs will give you increased power and speed.


  • Dark Grey 50

Arena Carbon Flex VX Open Back Kneeskin

sku # 2A479

$485.00 $339.50

  • Blue Steel/Silver

Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra Open Back

sku # 2A805

The technology in this suit is meant to optimize the swimmer's performance in every aspect.

$560.00 $384.30

  • black/gold
  • black/blue

Speedo LZR Pro Recordbreaker

sku # 7190912

$190.00 $95.00